Friday, July 15, 2011

Fatty Foods Might Increase Breast Cancer Risk

While the research results have been somewhat inconsistent, there appears to be a growing amount of evidence that dietary fat consumption can increase breast cancer risk.  For example, one study in mice reported that a high-fat diet increased breast cancer burden and metastasis

A breast cancer study soon to be published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer examined the relationships between different fatty foods and breast cancer risk in 17,000 women between 45 and 73 years of age.  The risk of developing ER+PR+, ER-PR-, and overall breast cancers and the link to fatty foods was analyzed after 10 years of follow up.  The breast cancer investigators reported...
  • ER+PR+ breast cancer risk was decreased by about 11% with yogurt consumption, but was increased by 10% by consuming eggs and and dried soups/sauces.
  • The risk for ER-PR- breast cancer was increased by 31% by the consumption of vegetable oil-based margarine and dried soups/sauces.
  • When all breast cancers were examined, regular milk consumption was linked to a decrease in breast cancer risk and dried soups/sauces were linked to an increase in breast cancer risk.
These are interesting results that continue to suggest that dietary fat intake might impact breast cancer risk, though different foods had different effects.  While the increased risk for ER+PR+ breast cancer was relatively modest with dried soups/sauces, these foods had a more dramatic impact on ER-PR- breast cancer.  The fact that these breast cancer types are very different in their hormone receptor status suggests that these high fat foods might be effecting breast cancer risk through multiple pathways or non-hormonal pathways.  Previous research has suggested that the link between dietary fat and breast cancer might be the role of cholesterol in breast cancer blood vessel formation.  Future research will be needed to further clarify the possible link(s) between dietary fat and breast cancer risk and to determine if some foods are linked to a greater risk for breast cancer than other foods.

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